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About Us

Elizabeth JohnstonElizabeth Johnston, Founder of Kids Cash, did not like her children watching TV all the time, so developed a program to teach children to turn off the television and learn self-discipline.
Twenty years ago she created tickets for her own children; in April 2010, she launched Kids Cash, aimed to teach children about saving money, becoming more active and energy conservation. This is accomplished by the incentive aspect of the game where children have to complete daily chores, then be rewarded with a single, 15 minute coupon. Coupons are spent on electronic playing time or trade them in for other activities, as agreed upon with their parents.
It pained me to see my children spending so much time with television when they were young (17 years ago) so I printed TV Tickets from my computer.  They needed to pay me to be able to watch television by earning TV Tickets (nowadays, we have more than television to worry about.)
Elizabeth says, “I like to ‘motivate’ or ‘reward’ myself every now and then, when I have finished cooking in the kitchen for two hours, I reward myself by watching Corner Gas or Mantracker for the million-ith time!”
Benjamin, the reason behind why the first tickets were invented, said, “Positive reinforcement is good thing, go get ‘em Mom!”