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Communication With Your Kids

Even at the age of two, the age when the experts say that children can begin to watch television, communication regarding screen time has begun. You teach your children to understand general principles of what they can and cannot do. So, to eliminate arguments, communicate general rules of screen time and you can develop a routine of teaching both chores (that you choose to pay them using Kids Cash) and the reward (Kids Cash is spent on screen time) that is earned when they do what is needed done and agreed upon. Kids Cash gives you a tool to teach your children responsibilities and the pay-off they get for getting things done and this will help eliminate arguments – communicate first !

Our website explains, “Start with a small family meeting; explain to your children that you are starting a reward system with 15 minute coupons and that chores will be rewarded and electronic media will be earned.” The key to success in all relationships in life is communication.

A recent book I read, “Video Games & Your Kids, How Parents Stay In Control” by Hilarie Cash, PhD & Kim McDaniel, MA, talks about setting limits and also instructs you to discuss the electronic media issue ahead of time, parenting as a team.

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