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Primordial Prevention

YES !!   Primordial Prevention.  This is our new focus.

Described in Potential Clinical Translation of Juvenile Rodent Inactivity Models to Study the Onset of Childhood Obesity, an article by Dr. Roberts and others, University of Missouri in Columbia,, Primordial Prevention is defined as prevention of the development of risk factors in the first place, while primary prevention is defined as interventions designed to modify adverse levels of risk factors once present (79).

WOW !!   Children of today will be the first to experience  their life expectancy to decline from childhood obesity.

Again, if you have children, grandchildren, neices & nephews, if you are policymakers, in the financial world at all, tell the overseers of children to start teaching A C T I V I T Y.

This is why Kids Cash was created over 20 years ago … let’s get the word out, teach children to be active both with sports but as well with pitching in around the house and at the same time, teach them to work for reward, like you do in your employment.

When reports like this come out every few weeks, I love that our researchers are proving what we mostly in part knew, but it gets me inspired to get behind any policymaker who can see a long term vision, like myself.

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To Understand Childhood Obesity, Researchers Look to Inactive, Fat Rats  “The researchers assert that findings from a variety of studies of juvenile obesity in humans show that children who are inactive in childhood are significantly more likely than those who engaged in exercise when young to continue this habit into adulthood.”

Physical inactivity causes 1 in 10 deaths worldwide, study says “Public Health Officials treat this situation as a pandemic”